Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

I don’t have the hat anymore, nor the couch it’s sitting on. But I still have the lap board (one word? two words?), and the Rotring pen. I miss the hat and the couch, but mostly the hat. My head is immense, you could set it on a stand and use it as a globe. Not many hats fit. They mostly slide around on the north pole. They can’t stay still. They’re tectonic plates rearranging the Earth. But that modest and otherwise unremarkable hat was just large enough to make itself comfortable.


2 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade

  1. Hi Russ, I’ve been telling people I have a large head for so long I didn’t realize how terminal it sounds if you hear it for the first time. I’m picturing a support group where everyone resembles a Bobble Head, the oversized domes shaking in agreement and sympathy. I’ve seen the Duluth Trading catalog pass through our mail for years, but never gave it a close look. Now I will. Many thanks.

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