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Hand Lettering the Easy Way

732 time travel hard wayThis cartoon is unusual for it’s hand-lettering. It’s not mine. It’s an evil twin. Years ago I converted my script into a font, without bothering with kerning and other peculiarities (for example, when I write a word that starts with an uppercase T, I always start the next letter beneath the T’s awning, not off to the side like a neighbor’s house.)

(In the above cartoon, I’m referring to the scientist’s speech. The sub caption, with the letters elbow-to-elbow like passengers in a crowded elevator, is hand-lettered.)

I did this because the software was gratis and very basic; it didn’t allow for refinement. If it had, I imagined many days of coaxing, nudging, tweaking, formally recreating the informal. My mind is easily diverted and anything that requires days of work is likely to derail.

But if I ever write another strip, I’ll give it another go, attempt a better font — I do a lot of re-writing, and the lure of typing a tweak, rather than drawing it by hand (when I letter a caption, it feels like I’m drawing), is hard to resist.




Spot the Frog

When Spot the Frog was syndicated, I set a Google Alert for ‘Spot the Frog,’ braced for praise or insult. More often than not, this was the result:

At first glance this image looks like nothing more than leaves hanging off the branch of a tree in the Indian forest

At first glance this image looks like nothing more than leaves hanging off a tree in India.But on closer inspection, there is actually a perfectly camouflaged frog hiding among them.

Not the comic strip, but like a comic strip, with a punchline.

Source: Can you spot the frog hiding in the leaves?  Daily Mail Online

We all need a theme song

Jim Melloan offers this suggestion the next time you’re listening to TJB:

In the late ’60s, still in England, it became a favorite game for my sister and I to put on some Tijuana Brass and look out the window at pedestrians walking by. We would select one, and as the person walked down the street, we would imagine that this person was the star of his or her own TV show, and we were watching the credits and this was the theme song. We found this hilarious, and I bet it still is. If you live in a place where you can look out the window and see pedestrians walking by, I suggest you try it now.


Source: When ‘Whipped Cream’ gave us a taste for ‘Honey’ | The Villager Newspaper