Clients include Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Oatmeal Studios, Designer Greetings, Amazon, United Media and North light Books.

Tools include a Rotring Artpen and paper of varying weights, an iMac of unvarying weight, Photoshop (mostly weightless), and my brain, steadily losing weight.

Another set of tools: hat, lap desk, soft place to sit.

The strip was called Spot the Frog, and still is. It was syndicated far and wide (mostly far, not so wide.) It expired after four and a half years, which, coincidentally, matches the average lifespan of a Bullfrog. There are two book collections: Spot the Frog, and It’s Hard to Comb a Grass Toupee. You can turn back the clock at GoComics.com and pretend it’s 2004, where the strip reruns.


2 thoughts on “FAQ

    • I do freelance, but my attention to detail wanders and doesn’t always return; thus the missing email address. I just added an email form to the Mark Heath page. I also have a Google number: 401 757 0637.
      Many thanks for noticing the wayward address.

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