88 Keys (and then some)

Oscar Peterson and Count Basie at the 15:56 mark. Two divergent styles that somehow fit on the stage — like the pianos they’re playing, nestled like gloves with twenty fingers.

Oscar talks about Art Tatum, famed for intimidating other pianists (setting up a nice punchline for Bill), and reveals that he favors a special sort of piano, with more than the usual 88 keys (and what happened the one time that Basie tried to play it. Very funny.)

Source: Video: Oscar Peterson – JazzWax

Nobody Wants to be Mickey Mouse

And most don’t want to be cartoonists. But that’s how I felt after watching Bugs Bunny, the Oscar Winning Rabbit. Again and again every Saturday — inspiration, or Stockholm effect.

Here’s one thing unmentioned in the video: Bugs never took the first swing. He didn’t start fights, he finished them, usually as the winner (I say usually because I’m guessing there’s probably a cartoon that ends in a stalemate, as a change of pace.)

Source: Bugs Bunny: The Origins of an American Icon – Neatorama

The Ray Bradbury & Charles Addams Book That Never Was

Is it too late for a Stephen King & Gahan Wilson book?

When I think of Bradbury and illustrations, this drawing always comes to mind, as fixed to my memory as bone to a skeleton.



Ray Bradbury’s “Skeleton,” illustrated by Joe Mugnaini in The October Country.

Source: The Ray Bradbury-Charles Addams Book That Could Have Been | Mental Floss